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Raven Coston is a skilled Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach, dedicated to guiding others on their transformative journeys. With a unique gift of clairvoyance, she connects with spiritual guides and loved ones, offering profound insights and healing energy to those seeking balance and spiritual growth. Raven's compassionate approach and intuitive abilities make her a beacon of light for those navigating their spiritual paths.

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My Story

Two decades ago, I underwent a profound spiritual awakening that marked the beginning of my transformative odyssey of self-discovery. Unveiling multiple spiritual abilities along the way, I grappled with the intersection of religious belief and spirituality, eventually recognizing myself as a spirit having a human experience. Embracing omnism, I hold deep respect for diverse religious beliefs, drawing inspiration not only from my Christian roots but also from the wellsprings of Islam, Buddhism, and African spiritualism. A pivotal event occurred a decade ago when I was introduced to meditation at a Buddhist temple, becoming a cornerstone in my spiritual evolution. Transitioning from personal exploration to aiding others, I employ meditation techniques to guide and support those wrestling with depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, and trauma. Throughout my journey, I've extended my insights and assistance to others, discovering during healing sessions my unique ability to connect with loved ones who have passed away, offering solace and comfort to those I guide on their own paths of self-discovery. Facilitating inner peace for others through spiritual guidance and meditation is both a privilege and a deeply rewarding aspect of my journey.


I'm always here to answer any questions.  Let's connect.


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